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Posted on: August 15, 2008

Since we are all watching the Olympic Games, i’ve decided to write about sports!! I should definitely mention that China is stunning in the organisation of the Games [i love the architecture of the stadiums, especially the Bird Nest].

Wel, lets see the good of sports. [We are learning this since standard one i think *lol*]  Well, sports promotes good health, it adds a feel-good-factor in our daily life, encourages team spirit. Teenagers will particpate and socialize instead of sitting in front of their computer [Oopz]. And as you all know Obesity is becoming a problem. So, sports must be practiced from early childhood itself.

Anyway, one of my favourite sports is swimming *bon, mo pa ene pro!! at least mo pa couler!!* lol Wel, when i was a child, we often went to the seaside. And i pretended to swim..in fact i was walking and just using my arms!! *hihi* Gradually i started kicking..but i grabbed the sand with the other hand while the other arm was waving.. *shy* Wel, wel!! i was a child!! *pa riyy mwaaa*

But at college i started going t the swimming pool and started to learn. *whoah, premier zour la, mo ti p per!! pena disabl pu traP* lol I was still afraid in the piscine. But later on when we went to the sea side, i tried to swim..i could dive for some seconds [mone bien dire seconds la]. Each time i went to the sea side i tried, and i also asked my brother to help me. Slowly i started swimming short distances.

Later on, i started practicing in the piscine of our villa. Its not that deep, and i knew i cant drown!! Its there that i developed that confidence in swimming. *am still nt a pro!!* But at least, nw i don’t grab the sand!!

hihi…Ey i guess you too must have encountered some dificulties when learning a certain discipline!! Share your experience!! Is there someone who was learning swimming like i did? 😛


It woz 05//01/2007…[quite a long time back]..One of the best days of mah life…i realised that ‘Yes, Mauritius is rily paradise’..

here, am nt talkin bout the people, or attitude of ppl..but about its natural beauty.. Actualy, it woz a program organised by mah

uncle..we went to île au Gabrielle by catamaran! The trip woz…woahhh!! Hw can i put dat? Xciting? uh huh..Breathtakin? Mind blowing? Spine tingling? HiHiHi…it woz just WOW…

The waves..they were big..the sea was..awe-inspiring….it woz just gr8..[of course, if u r travel sick, i will advice u against catamaran!!]

nw i wud like to share sm piks…


this one is mah favourite…


Sweet leaves so crisp do fall from trees up high,
To greet the gentle change in time with peace,
These red and golden dreams so fresh breeze by,
And then they help my worry to decrease.

Sweet stars a glowing in the sky so dark,
They shine and give an everlasting light,
Their winks to me give out a brilliant spark,
My frown does fade; I see their love so bright.

Sweet sunsets grace the heavens in a breath,
And sweep smooth paint across the sky so blue,
To make a fantasy so free from death,
The colors of delight perfect my view.

The beauty of nature each day is grand;
My heart does dance with warmth upon the land.



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