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I am fed up with revision, so i decided to write something on my blog.
well, i don’t know what to write about actually
i just want to write something. 🙂

Revising is so boring, yet so important. Why is it that important things r boring and cool things are not?
like, school, lectures, exams, work…these are allll so boring, yet soooo important.
fer folle, dance, having maxx fun is so cool, yet not important
yeah, well, they say we have to balance these two. Work and fun.
But can we? Do we?
May be some of you do maintain a good & reasonable balance.
But i think i don’t really know how to. Or simply, i don’t want to. And, i know it is bad.

When i am with friends, we all do our little crazy things…talking, joking, tire foto,[ki bien la mode, lol], harmless gossip [yeah, wel, am a girl, so…. *ahem ahem*]. Basically, we do everything apart revision or talking about stuff concerning work. [bon, quand je dis “everyfing” pa fer zot ti pervert la!!] Well, may be i am exagerating. We do talk about work, but it is is just for a short period.
For example, if we are supposed to do a group work, we do the work for 15 minutes, and have a break of 30 mins. *ben koi? mo fatiguer coz mean, variance, covariance sipakoi!!*
On the other hand, when exams are approaching, well…. [la zot pu truv mwa streC..pfff]:(
Well, then I will be practically with notes everywhere, everytime!! [zot ossi come sa, ou ziss mwa??]

But i admit, the way i do is wrong. I should keep the balance…
A reasonable one. I hope next semester i manage time more efficiently…!! *wink* 🙂


Wel, the party was great. I was nt impressd with food..bt i liked the dancefloor!! We [Mwa, kovil, pri, Daks, Ritesh, Nikhil, Doorvesh, Sunju] danced.. the music was gud!! The tecktonik demonstration was simply great!!

We were droped by the bro of Daks *Thxx  loads **

Finally, we r happy…!! An impossible-to-forget-day

PS I missd varsh much

Elo all!! Am back!! hihi Been a lng tme!!

Anyway, i wantd to share this “impossible-to-forget” day!! pluto night..enfin!! Its about my first End of year party at University of Mauritius, which was held on Friday, 18 july, 17 30 to 22 00. Actually, it was very much unplaned. I was nt sure of going, coz none of my frnds were talking bout it. But i missd the first two dance parties nd i did not want to miss this one!! [i love dancing, hihi]. Just the day before, that is the 17, Ritesh  asked me if am going. *confused* I have not told mah dad yet!! Then i decided, if i dun’t do anyfing, i won’t b able to go. I askd kovila if she’s going… she sed No *confuzd confuzd* YYYY?? Parents wnt give permission?? No!! coz no gud dress!! The dress code was Black and Orange [Orange was sponsoring] Hihi!! Wel, since shez mah neighbour, i wnt to her house, found smfing very nice [she did have lots of nice clothes]. She finally agreed on a black skirt nd a beige top.But still, we were nt yet sure coz we have not askd our parents. One of our biggest problm was: Convine parents. [We were 3 gurls, staying late night].

Then her mom came..nd we actually convinced her!! hihi I went back home nd asked Priyanka if she’s coming. She was surprised coz we were on the very eve!! But  she sed she is coming if all is ok!! Pri also had the problem of outfit. Coz she thought she had no black clothes. I reminded her of a black trouser she bought. lol. But the biggest problem for us was Transport *fuff* The problem is dat mah dad was doing night shift, nd the car of kovil’s dad had a breakdown!! Mah dad proposed that he leaves the car nd kovil’s dad come to fetch us 21.00 at university [We live quite far from uni]. But, another problm cropped up!! Kovil’s dad is not for the idea since he does nt drive other car, except his own. *la paniq!!* Kovil’s dad then proposed to call her uncle. Kovil did convince the uncle!!

Woahhh!! We were all three veryyyy happy!! I talkd to daks nd told her dat am coming, nd we’ll meet ther!! Mwa, kovil et pri… we were so excited bout going to that party!! But, it seemed luck was nt wiv us. *wait, i xplain*  The nxt day [Le Gran Jour], i woke up early *miracle* I was so happy!! hihi I already hd a dress..a black dress. I put the music loud nd was singing, dancing. then the fone rang… *sa men dire..pa tro fiT*

It was kovil “Bad news vi. We r not going. My uncle is ill” *Confuzzzzzzzd* Pff… her dad was also ill, nd will not b able to drive. We had car, but no driver!!!! No one was willing to fetch us. *fuff* Since Pri ws working, had to call her to tell her that we nt going. Then, i called daks to tell her am nt coming. Then, miracl miracle, daks sed his bro can giv us a lift *hmmmmm, dats koool* But we’ll have to stay till 22 00. *pa grav* HiHi

So, its ok!! we finally going!! But…we had still loads to face!! At Victoria bus station, we went in the bus..wen we 3 meet, wel..talkin-nonstop. The bus conductor came. Kovil sed “3/4 reduit”.. he replied “kisanla ine dire sa bus la p ale reduit??” *paniq paniq* We were in th wrng bus!! The bus conductor stard scolding us. *gro latet* Nxt bus stop we got down. LOL Finally a bus which is going to Reduit came. At uni, we went in cafe, to wait for daks. Wen she came, she startd narating one of the story [she always make us laugh..] We were going to the Raised plaza. Ther was a group of police officers standing. They were shouting smfing at us which sounded like “fermer” Hmphh..we did nt pay attention. When arivin in front of the entrance, we realised…dat it was closed with sm kinda fencing!! Pffff We had to go back!! O mah God!! they sed “nune dire zot!!”


Wel..dats before the party!! The party was smfing elz!!


hope i did nt bore u!!

so, am resumin uni on the 21…am happy! Rily… I woz bored at home, nd missd mah frends.. Grr.. But the bad fing is dat, i will be havin mah results… :S Awww..wot if i’ve failed? pff…  Wel, one has to admit dat the eco paper woz…woah..weird..

Neways, am happy to meet mah frends agen! Pri, Varsha, Malini, Vilasha, Ritesh, Vandita…enfin! all of them koi! I hope this semester gna b ok..wiv all these modules! [nd parties, nd fun lol]

Mah frends @ uni…


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