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Keeping a balance :)

Posted on: December 7, 2008

I am fed up with revision, so i decided to write something on my blog.
well, i don’t know what to write about actually
i just want to write something. 🙂

Revising is so boring, yet so important. Why is it that important things r boring and cool things are not?
like, school, lectures, exams, work…these are allll so boring, yet soooo important.
fer folle, dance, having maxx fun is so cool, yet not important
yeah, well, they say we have to balance these two. Work and fun.
But can we? Do we?
May be some of you do maintain a good & reasonable balance.
But i think i don’t really know how to. Or simply, i don’t want to. And, i know it is bad.

When i am with friends, we all do our little crazy things…talking, joking, tire foto,[ki bien la mode, lol], harmless gossip [yeah, wel, am a girl, so…. *ahem ahem*]. Basically, we do everything apart revision or talking about stuff concerning work. [bon, quand je dis “everyfing” pa fer zot ti pervert la!!] Well, may be i am exagerating. We do talk about work, but it is is just for a short period.
For example, if we are supposed to do a group work, we do the work for 15 minutes, and have a break of 30 mins. *ben koi? mo fatiguer coz mean, variance, covariance sipakoi!!*
On the other hand, when exams are approaching, well…. [la zot pu truv mwa streC..pfff]:(
Well, then I will be practically with notes everywhere, everytime!! [zot ossi come sa, ou ziss mwa??]

But i admit, the way i do is wrong. I should keep the balance…
A reasonable one. I hope next semester i manage time more efficiently…!! *wink* 🙂

2 Responses to "Keeping a balance :)"

lol, dnt worry..i do the same 😛
now yuupiiieee, holidayyysss 😀
but the worst is going to come next semester :S

Hehe moi aussi mo pareille…:P

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