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moment of the day i like the most…

Posted on: September 12, 2008

I like the sun… but i love the moon and the stars..  Yes, the moment of the day i like the most is the Night. Its not that i like the dark sides…no.. I prefer to say: i search for the light in the darkness. 


What i like about the night is the silence…the melody in that silence.. May be what i am saying does not make sense to you..but it does to me *smile*  I feel that during the night [mo p mean tard dan la nuit la..pa 20 00 21 00] *lol* everything is calm, and nature is being natural..there is no car disturbing the soil, no lorry creating noise.. Listening to that silence sometimes brings me so much comfort..the solitude at night has a certain sweetness.

Am a dreamer..i dream,i often dream open eyes during the night when i look at the stars. Sometimes i feel like a teenager, waiting for a shooting star to make a wish. Dreaming is so nice…but we should all live in the reality.  Sometimes, i feel the night can better “understand” pain, sorrow. How many among us have cried at night?  

I don’t know for you guys, but i can better revise at night. Its different for different people, of course. There are many reasons i love the night…but i enjoy the day [i prefer swimming during the day!! surtout dan la mer!! *lol*]  

Share your views!! 😛



5 Responses to "moment of the day i like the most…"

Quoting from a recent convo I’ve had: “the moon is about to be high up in the sky. the tide will be high as well. dolphins will jump out of the water, and evolve rapidly into naked mermaids who shall splash us all with sea water, wetting our hair.”

Night time is my fun time – I spend most of the day napping and procrastinating.

Have fun being a werewolf at night. Enjoy your weekend. *wuff*

uhmmm….i prefer revising at abt 2am 😀
best time for me to concentrate more…
{very few people online on msn tht time, so no temptation to chat :P}

so unique ideas.. wow.. keep it up…

Night is so peaceful, romantic,mysterious…i just love it…
nice article dear, keep it up

nice …every sentence gives so mch of meaning and message….

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