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Is it so hard to accept the truth?

Posted on: August 31, 2008

Life…life shows us so many things..some nice, pleasant, cool..others sad, horrible, hideous.


Can we all accept life as it comes? Like when we see a beggar, should we feel sad about it, or just accept it? I am young, but i have encountered quite a lot of situations [like all of us here], i have seen many things, i have heard many things.

Some have been accepted automatically, like being born in a family which caters for my needs and wants…but some i could not accept, like failing in my AccA paper with 48 marks. That day, i was shocked. But then, i accepted it. Failure is not an excuse to stop…but a challenge to show that i can do it, and i will do it much better next time.

Some of my friends still cannot accept that their x-gf/bf is now with someone else. I totally agree its really hard to digest..  *the person who used to whisper “i love you” in your ears..is now saying the same thing to someone else*  This hurts. But i think that it is better to stop clinging to the past and accept it that s/he has found someone else. It does not necessarily mean that you have to stop loving!! Love should be without conditions.


I once thought that “this is stupid!! How can i accept someone who cheated on me??”  But then i realised, “Well, i have loved and he kinda played with that… So, it aint my fault if i am better!!” 

Sometime, when we accept a situation, its better. Its only then that we can move on!! If we continue complaining, we are clinging to that thing..that very thing we cannot change…





14 Responses to "Is it so hard to accept the truth?"

truth is very hard to acpt but i guess we SHOULD acpt it bravely n face lyfe 🙂
the sooner we do so, the better it is, else it is ourselves who’ll suffer most!!
n the only failure in lyfe is wen u refuse to try again!!
life goes on……

yeah daks…
life is meant to be lived…et non pa s’acrocher a une movaise experience..

ayooo vishhh….mone resiii accept the truth mwa…..life’s hash…mais a toi de vaincre sa harshness la…..

life is not so bad… woteva hapens in life, dan ene certain facon c nou ki search for it, participate in it, choose it… Donc, be positive….!! nd kip smiling!! 😛

This is exactly the reason for which I date aliens – they come and go, and every representative is kinda exotic, so.

life is lovely 😀

life is lovely…u jst need to knw hw to appreciate it 🙂

voila..well said daks!!

‘life was never meant to be lived but survived’

‘at times in life its better to let go rather than hold back’

y do we live ?

‘no matter which way you percieve life, sooner or later, u’ll realise that life is ALWAYS unfair’

*sniff* je deprime grave 😦

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