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Posted on: August 15, 2008

Since we are all watching the Olympic Games, i’ve decided to write about sports!! I should definitely mention that China is stunning in the organisation of the Games [i love the architecture of the stadiums, especially the Bird Nest].

Wel, lets see the good of sports. [We are learning this since standard one i think *lol*]  Well, sports promotes good health, it adds a feel-good-factor in our daily life, encourages team spirit. Teenagers will particpate and socialize instead of sitting in front of their computer [Oopz]. And as you all know Obesity is becoming a problem. So, sports must be practiced from early childhood itself.

Anyway, one of my favourite sports is swimming *bon, mo pa ene pro!! at least mo pa couler!!* lol Wel, when i was a child, we often went to the seaside. And i pretended to swim..in fact i was walking and just using my arms!! *hihi* Gradually i started kicking..but i grabbed the sand with the other hand while the other arm was waving.. *shy* Wel, wel!! i was a child!! *pa riyy mwaaa*

But at college i started going t the swimming pool and started to learn. *whoah, premier zour la, mo ti p per!! pena disabl pu traP* lol I was still afraid in the piscine. But later on when we went to the sea side, i tried to swim..i could dive for some seconds [mone bien dire seconds la]. Each time i went to the sea side i tried, and i also asked my brother to help me. Slowly i started swimming short distances.

Later on, i started practicing in the piscine of our villa. Its not that deep, and i knew i cant drown!! Its there that i developed that confidence in swimming. *am still nt a pro!!* But at least, nw i don’t grab the sand!!

hihi…Ey i guess you too must have encountered some dificulties when learning a certain discipline!! Share your experience!! Is there someone who was learning swimming like i did? 😛


5 Responses to "Sports"

Nope. I swim almost everyday – the sea is less than 10 m from my dwelling place. I had learnt swimming the good ole’ fashion way – jump into deep water and try to get out. It was fun, back in the ole’ days. Ouch, I sound old, don’t I? WLOL

Once you’ve learnt swimming, there’s only 1 thing you can do – unleash your mermaid-self and have fun in deeper waters.

As far as the Olympics go, I’m cheering for China. Silly US currently being on top…arggh…China FTW! And cute chinese girls rock! *aww*

Enjoy your sunny Sunday 🙂 Go swimming, mermaid.

Sports!! Uhmm, i jst love swimming & playing badminton 😀 hey someday we should play badminton in uniiiiii 🙂 I used to play there last semester {maigri tu :P}
hehe….vishalii…i too learned swimming in swimming pool, the one besides droopnath lol 😛 😛 😛

nt the one besides college!! the one at mah villa!! 😛
mai lerla, quand ine coner, mo ti p ale piscine la ba ossi 🙂


@shah mo laiss summer rentrer, lerla chak week-end, mo fer ene letour la mer ou piscine!! 😛 *lol*

Go swimming mermaid 😀
*referring to vishali :P*

Depi tipti mo ti p fer karate, mais aprés mone arreter parceki mone tombe dan l’alcool. En ce moment mo p alle dan la drogue. Pauvre moi 😦

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