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My First Day..!!

Posted on: August 14, 2008

Yep!! Today i joined uni!! My second year already!! hihi I did not even realise how “short” our first has been. My first year at University of Mauritius was really great!! i met new peolple,  made new friends [some became Best Friends], new experience, new atmosphere!! * pheww…new presk tou koi * 🙂 Today itself Pri and I was talking about how fast we became friends…and now she is one of the few persons i trust.

Anyway, today i woke up early [7.00 > wai, early sa!!]. I was happy to meet my friends and my cousin who is in first year. At 9.30 i took the bus, sat near Pri…we talked and joked and laughed all the way to uni. *hihi..quand mwa et pri meet..si pena rier, pa normal ditou*

Arriving at uni, we went at MIE where i met Vellen, Didier and Annick!! It was nice meeting them after such a long time!! Then i went to meet kovila [my cousin]. We then proceeded towards Raised Plaza where we would eat. *lol* We expalined kovil about the GEM. I remember how confused i was about this GEM!! *phew* Then Ritesh, Vilasha, Didier & Vellen came. They startd to play cards *zot gran zuer sa*

Pri decided that we shud have a little photo session, since we are meeting after so much time. *lol* This was funny!! Anyway, then we went to class. And guess what! The lecturer was on vacation!! *hmphh* I went to take my new ID, then we [pri, varsh nd i] went to Common. They briefed me on what i missed and we startd playing Uno. Later on, Ritesh and Vilasha joined us. Kovila [since her came all  went home] came to play with us. Am happy she is integrating the group. She will feel less lonely!! 🙂

Anyway, we decided to attend the GEM class: Understanding Society which started at 14 30. Pfff…it was really boring!!! [Ooopz..y do i find all classes boring?? *hihi* ] Ritesh wanted to leave the class. And he did get the opportunity because a person came to talk to the lecturer. The lecturer talked about the attendence, and sait we should all put our names. Well, we could not put our names since we were not sure of attending the class : we have another class at that time. *fuff* So, Pri and I stood to leave. Ooopsss…bad move!! Pri was fast…but he saw me and said “You!! You, You..!!” *eee* I rushed out of the class. *sign*

When varsh came out [finally] she said the lecturer was asking about us. *paniq* Anyway, we can explain why we left. I needed to get home early coz needed to continue my dressing. lol


Erm…i had a nice day [we did not work!!]. Now as from next week..zafer seryer seryr!! Bizin ogment sa cpa la!! *lol*




13 Responses to "My First Day..!!"

Ha ha! The friends forever fingers thingy reminds me of Power Rangers – Morphing Time! Activate!!!!! Ha ha!
Have an enjoyable semester. Keep learning and have fun 🙂

lol…..’you you you by lecturers’…shoudnt be something common this second year hehe 😀 i mean…we should restrict ourselves not to bunk classes……
And our modules r jst pppfffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yearly ones!!! 😛

Daks!! mai to cone mwaaaaaa!! mo pa bunk class mwa!! hihi [aler, dakor..kav 2 3] hihi Mo croire 2, 3 la ene understatemnt sa..mai bon 😛
Mai, yea sure..i do follow the important classes!! Pa bizin rater mem!!

lol…watever i said applies to me 😀
i used to bunk those klasses hehehe….
i’ll follow all klasses nw 😛

Avec sa banes nuvo lecturers nune gagner la?!! Pa kav pence soV sa!!

jcroi ke hier c’était osi the 1st day for me …………………….. & it went on quite quite *ehm*

lol….ou pluto bzn dir….avk ha ban modules nune gagner la, pa kpb pense sauvE 😛

@ Lost Wanderer Wel i hope *ehm* does not have a bad meaning!! Nd i do hope everyfing gets ok for uuu!! 🙂

@ daks waiii!! apart stats tou yearly [et sa stats la..its tough mem] 😦

infact, i better not comment on my 1st day .. jai eté mechant mechant wid the one i love .. dats y im listening to James Blunt .. snif sniffff

euhta…mai chui sure ke tou va s’aranger!! t’inkiet!!

hey, ban foto la pas bon..

li pas kone jouer karte li.. lol.. tantion ti reste TF,, akoz sa.. lol

@ Ritesh
Ey, eyy!! mentiiiiiiiiiii!! mo coner mwa!! mo laiss twa gagner!! mo tro bon coeur!! hihi

i like this post tooo nice

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