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Tikomik ^.^

Posted on: August 13, 2008

HiHi…yeah!! Tikomik!! lol

Well tikomik=Cartoons=Dessins Animés

Even if i am 20 years old, i proudly say that i love Cartoons!! hihi And am sure many among you still watch cartoons!! For the time being i am watching “Famille Pirates”. Its really funny and entertaining. Sometimes its stupid..but i laugh real loud!! Sometimes we do need stupid jokes in our life!! i love the character of Victor and Bigorneau.. lol

There are many cartoons which will always make me laugh. One of my favourite is “Zinzins de L’espace” . J’adore la génériqu!! ςa dechire grave!! mdr

The characters are simply hilarious!! I love Candy..hihi

Here is a bit about what it is:
“Toujours coincés dans le grenier d’une maison à louer, en panne de soucoupe, Etno, Candy, Gorgious et Bud continuent à observer à la loupe les moeurs de ces drôles d’aliens que nous sommes “

Erm… There are also loads which i love!! like Tom and Jerry, Oggy et les cafards, Dexter…lotsssssss!! hihi

Well, do tell me about your favourites!! C u ppl!!



11 Responses to "Tikomik ^.^"

hehe me too like to watch ti komik, like lucky luke, tortue ninja, zinzin de l’espace(so music top net), oggy et les gaffarres(top music..miaow miaow)!!!
does someone like titeuf? (c’est po juste)

lol..!! Titeuf!! hihi… ene phenomene sanla!!

Koza mamzelle vishali.. wai famille pirate tro top sa.. enfin mo trouv tikomik nice net .. malgre ki monn vié 😛

I have 23 yrs, and i still watch all of them on weekends 😀
(mostly, except teletubbies and those stupid ones for my age)

Or on days am on leave…

wawa!! to coner twa Vellen!! combiiiiiiiiiiiien zem fami pirat!! mwa mo dire, mo continue guet mo tikomik mem si mo ena 20 ans 😛

@ yashvin
LoL Teletubies IS stupid!! lol… surtout generik la!! mai ca fait rire d foi!!
youhou!! mwa mo content generik zinzin de lespace!!

I used to like those from my generation – like DBZ, Batman Animated Series (not The New Adventures of Batman – still a fan but it’s part of my gen. Same applies to JL and JLU,) Superman Animated Series, old series like the Moonies, Widget, Denver The Last of the Dinosaur, the Looney Toons were fun, Bisounours, amongst others.

It’s so cool that you still like comics (Dexter totally rocks, BTW.) Frak those who pretend that comics are incompatible to their age range. I love my comic books and my animated series and movies incl. anime, and Ovas.

Rock on, crazyvish 🙂

eyyy..batman!! mwa ossi jadore!! tro top!!

I luv Titeuf, Cedric et La famille Pirates 🙂
Mega Top!!!!!!!!!

jm cro la famille pirate .. mais je prefere les animes 😀

tou ban ti komik top,,,, apart blanche neige…lol….

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