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Posted on: August 12, 2008

Today i woke up, wondering what can i blog about.. Nothing special is happening in life, am still at home-Not joined uni yet [i’ve extended my holidays *lol*]

HiHi.. And then.. i thought of what i wanted to eat.. Yep!! Chocolates!!!!!!!!! I want chocolates!! And now am going to talk about Chocolates!! I love chocolates!! [with moderation..we cant eat those sweeeeetthings everyday!!] Actually, chocolates have both good and bad effects. Everything taken [consumed] in excess is proven bad for health. So, let’s see those good things about chocolates!!

It is scientifically proven that dark chocolates which are loaded with flavonoids can keep the doctor away!! *Flavonoids keep cholesterol from gathering in blood vessels, reduce the risk of blood clots, and slow down the immune responses that lead to clogged arteries.* Actually what many people don’t realise is that Chocolates are plant-derived [ which are recommended for a good heart]. Dark chocolates have the following “strengths”  :

      1. they are a natural source of antioxidants * the latter being  substances that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food, or by environmental exposures like tobacco smoke and radiation. Free radicals can damage cells, and may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases. *

    2.  they act as natural mild stimulants * they stimulate our brain, providing a certain balance and increase our attention capacity*  [pa blier pren ene ti chocolat quand ena pu ale fer banes class imP dificile..lol] 

    3. choco contribute to enhance the sense of well-being

Now!! Lets see the B.A.D of chocolotes!! *Aryooo* lol

We should remember that chocolates are still loaded with calories. And the human body can react badly to those excessive calories. For overweight persons, daily chocolates are bad. This may cause damage to their joints. If someone is allergic to chocolates, consuming those will result in sweelings. *aww*. One more thing. People might not become physically addicted to chocolates, but Emotionally. This is so because theylove the flavour and texture of the chocolates melting in the mouth.. *vrai ca selmnt :s*

Anyway, people!! You should remember that for a good health, we all need a balanced diet, good exercise, a little bit of dark chocolates!! lol







15 Responses to "Chocolates!!"

Si mo fer 10 push ups, mo gagne droit mange 10 choco bars?? 😛

lol…10 choco bars for only 10 push ups?? Nah nah!! I wnt recomnd sa!! hihi

mamzelle la in vin 1 pro dan chocolat:P c bien c bien..

to fr moa gagne envi mange chocolat einn :p
dja mne grosiii em hehe 😀
hey last pic is really nice 🙂
saem kt ena fraise la lol…

@ la sardine!! b waiii!! telmnt mo manzr!! hihi
@ daks Pa grave..wen i come to uni, i get u one choco..et wai, mwa ossi jadore la derniere tof!! 🙂

lol….dieting coming soon 4me lol 😛
chocolates….damn good!!!!!!!!!!

ihihi, nice topic out there.

derniere photo, si je ne me trompe, fruit deguisé –> strawberry dipped in chocolate.

mais jm po trop [:s]

dark chocolat : chocolat noire??? :s

*sigh* im remembering my pastry classes :-#

awwww!! It looks nice selmnt..fruit deguise la!! lol

D foi..we “eat with our eyes first” 😛

@daks Daks daks daks!! ki dieting to p fer??!! naaah!! to bon laaaa!! 🙂

I’m a twix guy wlol – I love twix and other chocolates (and chocolated caramels over fruitcakes, …oh, add chocolate flavour to banana guava and I’ll go in awwww mode.)
Chocolate rules! Do you enjoy cooking? If yes, we can share recipes later on. I’m kinda of a pastry chef – a hobby of mine. Chocolated (Mars FTW – for it’s widely available) cookies, and peanuts FTW! Add milk to those.
Now, I’m craving for chocolates. I’m off to get myself some twix.

awwww…u r pastry chef??!! Ey!! we shud b frnds!! hihi
coz i love eating pastry

viiiiiiissshhhhhhh 😀 vvvwiiiii mne grosiiii impE laaa!!!!! lollll….
ppff….pa kpv mange gros packE twisties tusa astrrrr!!!! :S
miiisss uuu in uniiii :(( cuuuuu soooooonnnnnn….

by z way…we cn ask shah to prepare sme pastries & we’ll taste them FREE 😛 😛 😛

lol… Shaaaaaah!! C? U r getting some clients!! lol
Dakss!! Nu pa pu ziss Taste for freeee!! Nu bizin manzer mem for freeeeee!! hihi
btw, mah favourite flavour is nd will remain chocolate!! 😛

clients??? What are you talking about? Baking and cooking are hobbies.

No, you don’t taste the cakes. You eat them fondly and get the cream all over your noses. awwww
Speaking of cream – do you prefer it to be midly hot or cold? I, for one, prefer fruitcakes to be warm for the cream is usually too cold for one to enjoy the taste.

ello vish!
ur blog is mega super nice!!!!!!!!!
too good….
n dr me2 i love chocolates…

i luv cold cream 🙂
midly hot…naaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

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