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Some crazy moments with Friends

Posted on: August 9, 2008

At universiy [as i said earlier] i met wonderful people. Two of them are Priyanka [pri] and Varsha [Varsh]. We became friends quite fast. We are in the same class and we are always together. In our first year, we had so much fun!! It was simply great! *LOL*

We are twenty but sometimes we got such stupid ideas!! Once we decided to take pictures of our shoes!! *lol* Yeah, yeah!! i know thats really weird!! But God, did we laugh!!

*LOL* In this pic, the white shoes is me, the golden shoes are for varsh worn by pri, and the brown shoes are for pri, worn by varsh. *hihi*

And normally we have lunch at MIE. We kinda eat a lot…cakes specially!!

Here you can see the famous bag of Pri [tikomik] Nw she has changed it!! And we also see the bag of varsh. The bag of varsh is magic!! *lol* Everything is found in that bag!! She has everything!! *hihihi* We ate cakes, dholl puri, drank waterr. yeah yeah..the ribena bottle is mine!! *lol* I wanted some change!! And Ribena is good!!


Well, that a bit of our crazy moments!!




4 Responses to "Some crazy moments with Friends"

hahahhaha…..tro komiiiiikkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chance zot pa ine change shoes wiz each ozer 😛

ena ti p rode kokin varsh so soulier! li tro gliter!! lol

Awww, no pink chouchouzes?
But still, the white pair of chouchouzes is cute.

Are you sure it’s ribena? It seems to be beer. 😛

Keep being your crazy-self 🙂 Rock on 🙂

haha….pink chouchouzes 😛

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