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Life…life shows us so many things..some nice, pleasant, cool..others sad, horrible, hideous.


Can we all accept life as it comes? Like when we see a beggar, should we feel sad about it, or just accept it? I am young, but i have encountered quite a lot of situations [like all of us here], i have seen many things, i have heard many things.

Some have been accepted automatically, like being born in a family which caters for my needs and wants…but some i could not accept, like failing in my AccA paper with 48 marks. That day, i was shocked. But then, i accepted it. Failure is not an excuse to stop…but a challenge to show that i can do it, and i will do it much better next time.

Some of my friends still cannot accept that their x-gf/bf is now with someone else. I totally agree its really hard to digest..  *the person who used to whisper “i love you” in your ears..is now saying the same thing to someone else*  This hurts. But i think that it is better to stop clinging to the past and accept it that s/he has found someone else. It does not necessarily mean that you have to stop loving!! Love should be without conditions.


I once thought that “this is stupid!! How can i accept someone who cheated on me??”  But then i realised, “Well, i have loved and he kinda played with that… So, it aint my fault if i am better!!” 

Sometime, when we accept a situation, its better. Its only then that we can move on!! If we continue complaining, we are clinging to that thing..that very thing we cannot change…






Posted on: August 15, 2008

Since we are all watching the Olympic Games, i’ve decided to write about sports!! I should definitely mention that China is stunning in the organisation of the Games [i love the architecture of the stadiums, especially the Bird Nest].

Wel, lets see the good of sports. [We are learning this since standard one i think *lol*]  Well, sports promotes good health, it adds a feel-good-factor in our daily life, encourages team spirit. Teenagers will particpate and socialize instead of sitting in front of their computer [Oopz]. And as you all know Obesity is becoming a problem. So, sports must be practiced from early childhood itself.

Anyway, one of my favourite sports is swimming *bon, mo pa ene pro!! at least mo pa couler!!* lol Wel, when i was a child, we often went to the seaside. And i pretended to swim..in fact i was walking and just using my arms!! *hihi* Gradually i started kicking..but i grabbed the sand with the other hand while the other arm was waving.. *shy* Wel, wel!! i was a child!! *pa riyy mwaaa*

But at college i started going t the swimming pool and started to learn. *whoah, premier zour la, mo ti p per!! pena disabl pu traP* lol I was still afraid in the piscine. But later on when we went to the sea side, i tried to swim..i could dive for some seconds [mone bien dire seconds la]. Each time i went to the sea side i tried, and i also asked my brother to help me. Slowly i started swimming short distances.

Later on, i started practicing in the piscine of our villa. Its not that deep, and i knew i cant drown!! Its there that i developed that confidence in swimming. *am still nt a pro!!* But at least, nw i don’t grab the sand!!

hihi…Ey i guess you too must have encountered some dificulties when learning a certain discipline!! Share your experience!! Is there someone who was learning swimming like i did? 😛

Yep!! Today i joined uni!! My second year already!! hihi I did not even realise how “short” our first has been. My first year at University of Mauritius was really great!! i met new peolple,  made new friends [some became Best Friends], new experience, new atmosphere!! * pheww…new presk tou koi * 🙂 Today itself Pri and I was talking about how fast we became friends…and now she is one of the few persons i trust.

Anyway, today i woke up early [7.00 > wai, early sa!!]. I was happy to meet my friends and my cousin who is in first year. At 9.30 i took the bus, sat near Pri…we talked and joked and laughed all the way to uni. *hihi..quand mwa et pri meet..si pena rier, pa normal ditou*

Arriving at uni, we went at MIE where i met Vellen, Didier and Annick!! It was nice meeting them after such a long time!! Then i went to meet kovila [my cousin]. We then proceeded towards Raised Plaza where we would eat. *lol* We expalined kovil about the GEM. I remember how confused i was about this GEM!! *phew* Then Ritesh, Vilasha, Didier & Vellen came. They startd to play cards *zot gran zuer sa*

Pri decided that we shud have a little photo session, since we are meeting after so much time. *lol* This was funny!! Anyway, then we went to class. And guess what! The lecturer was on vacation!! *hmphh* I went to take my new ID, then we [pri, varsh nd i] went to Common. They briefed me on what i missed and we startd playing Uno. Later on, Ritesh and Vilasha joined us. Kovila [since her came all  went home] came to play with us. Am happy she is integrating the group. She will feel less lonely!! 🙂

Anyway, we decided to attend the GEM class: Understanding Society which started at 14 30. Pfff…it was really boring!!! [Ooopz..y do i find all classes boring?? *hihi* ] Ritesh wanted to leave the class. And he did get the opportunity because a person came to talk to the lecturer. The lecturer talked about the attendence, and sait we should all put our names. Well, we could not put our names since we were not sure of attending the class : we have another class at that time. *fuff* So, Pri and I stood to leave. Ooopsss…bad move!! Pri was fast…but he saw me and said “You!! You, You..!!” *eee* I rushed out of the class. *sign*

When varsh came out [finally] she said the lecturer was asking about us. *paniq* Anyway, we can explain why we left. I needed to get home early coz needed to continue my dressing. lol


Erm…i had a nice day [we did not work!!]. Now as from next week..zafer seryer seryr!! Bizin ogment sa cpa la!! *lol*



HiHi…yeah!! Tikomik!! lol

Well tikomik=Cartoons=Dessins Animés

Even if i am 20 years old, i proudly say that i love Cartoons!! hihi And am sure many among you still watch cartoons!! For the time being i am watching “Famille Pirates”. Its really funny and entertaining. Sometimes its stupid..but i laugh real loud!! Sometimes we do need stupid jokes in our life!! i love the character of Victor and Bigorneau.. lol

There are many cartoons which will always make me laugh. One of my favourite is “Zinzins de L’espace” . J’adore la génériqu!! ςa dechire grave!! mdr

The characters are simply hilarious!! I love Candy..hihi

Here is a bit about what it is:
“Toujours coincés dans le grenier d’une maison à louer, en panne de soucoupe, Etno, Candy, Gorgious et Bud continuent à observer à la loupe les moeurs de ces drôles d’aliens que nous sommes “

Erm… There are also loads which i love!! like Tom and Jerry, Oggy et les cafards, Dexter…lotsssssss!! hihi

Well, do tell me about your favourites!! C u ppl!!


Today i woke up, wondering what can i blog about.. Nothing special is happening in life, am still at home-Not joined uni yet [i’ve extended my holidays *lol*]

HiHi.. And then.. i thought of what i wanted to eat.. Yep!! Chocolates!!!!!!!!! I want chocolates!! And now am going to talk about Chocolates!! I love chocolates!! [with moderation..we cant eat those sweeeeetthings everyday!!] Actually, chocolates have both good and bad effects. Everything taken [consumed] in excess is proven bad for health. So, let’s see those good things about chocolates!!

It is scientifically proven that dark chocolates which are loaded with flavonoids can keep the doctor away!! *Flavonoids keep cholesterol from gathering in blood vessels, reduce the risk of blood clots, and slow down the immune responses that lead to clogged arteries.* Actually what many people don’t realise is that Chocolates are plant-derived [ which are recommended for a good heart]. Dark chocolates have the following “strengths”  :

      1. they are a natural source of antioxidants * the latter being  substances that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food, or by environmental exposures like tobacco smoke and radiation. Free radicals can damage cells, and may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases. *

    2.  they act as natural mild stimulants * they stimulate our brain, providing a certain balance and increase our attention capacity*  [pa blier pren ene ti chocolat quand ena pu ale fer banes class imP dificile..lol] 

    3. choco contribute to enhance the sense of well-being

Now!! Lets see the B.A.D of chocolotes!! *Aryooo* lol

We should remember that chocolates are still loaded with calories. And the human body can react badly to those excessive calories. For overweight persons, daily chocolates are bad. This may cause damage to their joints. If someone is allergic to chocolates, consuming those will result in sweelings. *aww*. One more thing. People might not become physically addicted to chocolates, but Emotionally. This is so because theylove the flavour and texture of the chocolates melting in the mouth.. *vrai ca selmnt :s*

Anyway, people!! You should remember that for a good health, we all need a balanced diet, good exercise, a little bit of dark chocolates!! lol






At universiy [as i said earlier] i met wonderful people. Two of them are Priyanka [pri] and Varsha [Varsh]. We became friends quite fast. We are in the same class and we are always together. In our first year, we had so much fun!! It was simply great! *LOL*

We are twenty but sometimes we got such stupid ideas!! Once we decided to take pictures of our shoes!! *lol* Yeah, yeah!! i know thats really weird!! But God, did we laugh!!

*LOL* In this pic, the white shoes is me, the golden shoes are for varsh worn by pri, and the brown shoes are for pri, worn by varsh. *hihi*

And normally we have lunch at MIE. We kinda eat a lot…cakes specially!!

Here you can see the famous bag of Pri [tikomik] Nw she has changed it!! And we also see the bag of varsh. The bag of varsh is magic!! *lol* Everything is found in that bag!! She has everything!! *hihihi* We ate cakes, dholl puri, drank waterr. yeah yeah..the ribena bottle is mine!! *lol* I wanted some change!! And Ribena is good!!


Well, that a bit of our crazy moments!!




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