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Is a possessive person dangerous?

Posted on: July 30, 2008

Every human are possessive about the things or people they cherish. Note that there is a difference between possessiveness and Jealousy.

>”Possession poses a universal question regarding the right or ability of an entity to own anything more than their own self determination.”

>”The emotion of jealousy arises from a basic insecurity rooted in a desperation of need of either validation or security.  When one experiences jealousy, they experience a lack of understanding of the pure dynamic of inter-relationship at a foundational level.”

I think being jealous and possessive is human. But we should also consider the degree of possessiveness.. In a relationship for example, If someone is being possessive to the extent of controlling you rather than loving you, it will end up in disaster. It leads to insecurity. Feeling insecure in a relationship is something we all fear. In any relationship, in any circumstance.



11 Responses to "Is a possessive person dangerous?"

I can ramble a lot on this particular topic, but I’ll just quote Bender from Futurama (The beast with a billion backs) for he’s absolutely right:

“Bender knows love. And Love does not share itself with the world. Love is suspicious. Love is needy. Love is fearful. Love is greedy. My friends, there’s no great love without great jealousy. I love you, meatbags (LOL.)”

ihihi, kinda human, afterall, its a feeling. u do mark a point there

If someone is being possessive to the extent of controlling you rather than loving you, it will end up in disaster

ihihi, same applies to jealousy :p

hmm its like calling stealing a human act as well.. the attempt to justify one’s feeling is pathetic.
both possessiveness and jealousy are negative feeling. i believe in the fact that love should be spread. love originates from the heart and the attempt to control the emotion and trying to think that you own the person simply because you love.. is absurd.

in my opinion love is a sacred bond. anything else is corporate BS

moa mo possesive over z one i love and jealous also smetimes… :S

Insecurity and/or the fear of losing a lover pushes someone to be possessive or jealous. It is also derived from the lack of confidence and the way to compensate for this lack is to dominate and possess someone else. Possessive and jealous people are emotionally weak in general but I doubt they can be really dangerous, unless they start to develop hate for the person they think is coming between them and their lover, or if they feel their lover is starting to slip away. Not a nice experience at all.

@ Shaan
I agree with you. Its not a nice experience!! But in some cases i think it can turn out to be dangerous. Some people, when feeling insecure about partner loving some1 else..this extreme jealousy can lead to criminal acts.

lol….yapss true…but if i had a bf and would have felt insecure about him for long time, i would have simply left him…instead of doing criminal acts 😀
Well being possesive can de dangerous for some people, depends on the degree of their possesiveness 😛 For some, like crazyvish said, this can lead of criminal acts…

can lead to* criminal acts

coz that wat brings the downfall of mankind


mwa mo hyper possesive over my frends…coz i love them loadsss…..wink wink…keep blogging…wink wink…

Like all things naturally human, love is a matter of striking a harmonic balance between one’s own desirous love for another person, and love for that person’s sake regardless of one’s desires.the sagely robot Bender is right, but equally true, albeit contradictorily so, is that love is trusting where it is jealous, confidant where fearful, selfless where selfish and so on and so forth.

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