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Should we always voice our opinion?

Posted on: July 25, 2008

I believe in the truth..but should we always say the truth?!! I have come across many situations in my life [till now] where i asked whether i should speak wotever i feel is right and true. Life has shown me [till now] that people hear what they want to hear, and see what they want to see… I have known people trying to escape the truth..or simply just creating another world for themselves.. And many of those people r my friends…some are people i just know..some are special people.. And when they ask my advice i always try to put things the way it is…

But the thing is…do they listen to you? Do they rily care what you saying…? Does it make any difference? Being frank i think is not what people really want..or do  they? Or is it my approach? In the end..i feel nothing what i say really matters!!

But i should admit that there r some people who do want to know the truth..and they kind of accept that truth..

Anyway..do tell me what u fink!!

** Vish


1 Response to "Should we always voice our opinion?"

When we talk about truth, we need to understand its nature first. Truth is totally subjective because it relies on a persons knowledge, experience, perception, brain power and feelings in order to exist. What you believe is true does not necessarily mean someone else will believe the same.

For something to be true, its opposite needs to be proven. You can say god is dead, but if you cannot prove that god does not exist, then you cannot say the death of god is a truth.

But proving opposites is not an easy task. Taking the god example, the reason why believers and non-believers still exist is because both the truth and its opposite cannot be proven. And even if one person comes forward and says he can prove either one, surely someone else will come forward to say he can prove the other one.

I think everyone believes in truth, but we simply have different perceptions of truth as each one of us have developed our own mindsets. And mindsets is what truth relies on. Humans are extremely selective when choosing what to believe in. And this is linked to our conscience, consciousness and sub-consciousness.

When you come across people who don’t accept your truth, just see if as people who are different and think different. There is no such thing as the ultimate truth.

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