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Some pictures that i’d like to share.. :)

Posted on: January 26, 2008

It woz 05//01/2007…[quite a long time back]..One of the best days of mah life…i realised that ‘Yes, Mauritius is rily paradise’..

here, am nt talkin bout the people, or attitude of ppl..but about its natural beauty.. Actualy, it woz a program organised by mah

uncle..we went to île au Gabrielle by catamaran! The trip woz…woahhh!! Hw can i put dat? Xciting? uh huh..Breathtakin? Mind blowing? Spine tingling? HiHiHi…it woz just WOW…

The waves..they were big..the sea was..awe-inspiring….it woz just gr8..[of course, if u r travel sick, i will advice u against catamaran!!]

nw i wud like to share sm piks…


this one is mah favourite…


Sweet leaves so crisp do fall from trees up high,
To greet the gentle change in time with peace,
These red and golden dreams so fresh breeze by,
And then they help my worry to decrease.

Sweet stars a glowing in the sky so dark,
They shine and give an everlasting light,
Their winks to me give out a brilliant spark,
My frown does fade; I see their love so bright.

Sweet sunsets grace the heavens in a breath,
And sweep smooth paint across the sky so blue,
To make a fantasy so free from death,
The colors of delight perfect my view.

The beauty of nature each day is grand;
My heart does dance with warmth upon the land.



1 Response to "Some pictures that i’d like to share.. :)"

Mo p trouve ene villain racine sek & ene espece montagne dan deuxieme photo la LOL

Si paradis coumsa, plito mo alle dan hell mem 😛

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